The Sea Rout Project will be the Cheapest Hajj Package

If you search for cheapest hajj package, you will find a large number of companies offering hajj services online. Most of the packages are out of the range of a common person. The person who is living in hand to mouth life can’t not pay 4-6 lac to the government or any other private travel agency for the performance of hajj. These guests of Allah are facing many other problems along with these financial issues.

Looking this, the government of UK is trying to control this situation by introducing new project of travel. The government of UK introducing sea travel project for citizens of UK for the performance of hajj. It will be great news for those who are always in the search of cheapest hajj package in UK. People will be able to enjoy hajj travel through the latest ships equipped with latest travel equipment. The government will provide food and medical facilities to the passengers in this package. The average cost of the package will be 25-30 thousand per head that is so economical.

The religious ministry after coordination with port and shipping ministry of UK prepared feasibility report for this project and sent it to the Prime Minister of UK for approval. The project will be completed in one year as announced by religious ministry as approved by prime minister of UK.The economist believes that this project will be beneficial for UK and of course for the people of UK. They believe that this project will be the cheapest hajj package for the people of UK ever offered by any of the UK government history. The economists believe that government will have to take prompt actions against corruption as it is the major problem for UK.

The project should not be treated like rental power project that destroyed due to the corruption in the country. The Car-K scandal is the major example of the negligence and corruption.The sea route project is as beneficial for the country as it will diversify the mode of travel for hajj. According to policy, 50% people will travel through the private travel agencies that will charge huge amount for their air travel and accommodation in Saudi Arabia. The sea rout project will create so positive impact on the price of hajj packages in the country.

The private careers will have to reduce their prices when they found hajj package available at lower rates in the country. A very small amount of information is available on the sea rout project and its approval so far. Let see what will be the future of this government task. Hajj is considered as obligation for a Muslim that needs to be performed once in the life, if he or she has financial power. The sea rout project will be a breeze for those who are waiting for a longer period of time and could not go their due to lack of funds. Hopefully, they will be the guest of Allah in near future.

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