Some Common Practices for All Muslims During Zillhajj

Hajj is an important event for all the Muslims world wide, every Muslim wish to perform Hajj once in his life and whenever he get a chance he go for it. But, in the present condition it is difficult for anybody to manage a huge finance and go to perform Hajj. And those who cannot manage a huge amount but some of it, the private traveling agents and agencies are offering some cheap Hajj Packages 2017. By acquiring there packages a normal salaried person who cannot afford even government Hajj package can go for Hajj and full fill this religious obligation.

Islam considers the importance of the event of Hajj and also understands the different economical statue of the people in the world. This is the reason that Islam provided a middle way in every religious matter especially in that obligation which is related to money. For those Muslims who cannot go for Hajj due to their financial or other problems there are some common and basic practices are defined by the religion which can earn him good benefit. Following are the some practices you can do normally in your homeland from 1st Zillhajj till 10th Zillhajj:


The Muslims who are unable to go for Hajj to Saudi Arabia they can fast for ten days from 1st Zilhajj till 10th Zillhajj and get the blessings of Allah Almighty.

Don’t cut nails and hairs

Those who have a wish to go for Hajj but cannot go there due to their poor financial condition are also directed to no to cut their nails and hairs till the 10th of Zillhajj as the all Hajji do during their Hajj practices. This practice is also liable or those Muslims who have planned to sacrifice the animal in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S on the Eid – Ul – Azha. On the Eid day when they will cut their nails after sacrifice of their animal they will get the same blessings as the Hajjis will get.

Be humble and calm

The Muslims should remain calm and humble in the whole days and try to avoid fights and arguments. They should show harmony and cordial relations with each other and make good impression on the others.

Sacrifice Animal

The Muslim who does not have enough money to perform Hajj, but have enough money to sacrifice the animal in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. then he should do it for sure and not to avoid it at any cost as it is compulsory for him.

Islam is the only religion which covers the advantages and interests of every person of the society whether he is poor or rich. And the problem which middle class face in the performance of Hajj is almost solved by the private travel agencies in the form of economy Hajj Packages 2017. But those who cannot avail this opportunity due to less number of visas or many other issues can follow the above mentioned practices and become the one who deserve the blessings of Allah Almighty.

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