Performing Hajj and Umrah by Choosing Cheapest Hajj & Umrah Packages

During the year 2017 it is expected that a large number of Muslim pilgrims will be performing Hajj pilgrimage. However, with the passage of time Muslims all over the world are desirous of Performing Umrahs and their number are increasing day by day.

Many travel agencies in UK providing finest and cheapest Hajj and Umrah Packages 2017. Although being cheap and economical for an desirous pilgrim as an individual or group, our agents not only guide the pilgrims in choosing the right package for Hajj and Umrah but also direct them in performing Hajj and Umrah in it rightful manner.

Precautions During Performing Hajj Or Umrah 2017

A Pilgrim must remember following points while performing Hajj or Umrah 2017:

  • That he be devoted to Allah’s religious and fulfill his responsibilities upon him such as prayer in its time (in congregation for men).
  • That he stay away from what Allah has prohibited such as obscenity, unfairness, and disobedience. if anyone undertakes Hajj therein. Let there be equality, truthiness, and avoid backbiting during Hajj.
  • That he refrain from harming the Muslims with his tongue or actions within the premises or anywhere during performing Hajj or Umrah.
  • That he abides by the rule and regulations to be followed during Ihram i.e.:
  • He should avoid losing any of his hair or nails. Any type of cut by a thorn during the course of Hajj or Umrah and the like is unobjectionable, even if there is bleeding.
  • He should avoid using any kind of perfume in his cloths, his food or his drink after entering Ihram.
  • He should also refrain from cleansing himself with perfumed a soap. There is no objection in what remains of the effect of perfume used prior to Ihram.
  • He must avoid touching, kissing, etc. his spouse out of passion and, even worse, shouldn’t have sexual affiliation.
  • He must avoid proposing or setting up his wedding during Ihram.
  • Wearing gloves is prohibited, although there is no harm in wrapping the hands in cloth. This ruling goes for both men and women.
  • Covering your head with something that touches it is prohibited, although there is no harm in the using an umbrella, the roof of a car or tent for shade. There is also no harm in carrying his baggage on his head.
  • Avoid wearing a shirt, trousers, hooded cloak, turban or shoes. In case he is unable to find an Ezar or sandals can he wear trousers or shoes?
  • He cannot wear anything with the same qualities of the above mentioned such as an hat, undershirt, undergarments etc.


Thing Permitted While Performing Hajj Or Umrah 2017:

  1. It is permitted for him to wear sandals, rings, put on glasses, helping with a hearing aid. Wearing a watch, worn on his wrist or hung from his neck, or a speech aid.
  2. It is permissible for him to cleanse himself with odorless cleansers and to wash and scratch his head and body, even if some of his hair falls accidentally. In such a case there is no obligation on him.

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