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Hajj is one of the best forms of worship and is one of the most inspirational deeds because it is one of the major pillars of Islam. A Muslim is incomplete without it. A form of worship is only acceptable when the following is true.

“One only prays it to Allah, with a desire for forgiveness.”

”One follows the messages of Prophet’s Muhammad (P.B.U.H), in words and deeds.

In the forenoon of the eighth day of Dhul-Hijja, a pilgrim purifies himself by bathing in the place in which he is staying, if convenient. He puts on his Ihram and says:

لبيك حجة، لبيك اللهم لبيك، لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك، إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك

“Here I am for Hajj. Here I am, oh Allah, here I am. Here I am. You have no partner. Here I am. Surely all praise, grace and dominion is yours, and you have no partners.” offers wide range of cheap and economical Hajj packages 2017 that are fits to an individual’s financial and economic conditions. Keeping in view the desires of a pilgrim regarding the luxurious accommodation, easy visa processing and accommodation near to Holy place, proper guidance of the pilgrimage by the agency hired etc

Classification & Forms of Hajj Pilgrimage 2017

There are three forms of Hajj: Tamattu’, Ifraad and Qiran.

Tamattu’:  means performing `Umrah during the Hajj, and on the Day of Tarwiah (the 8th Of Thul Hijja) a pilgrim takes on Ihram for Hajj. A Muslim desires to perform a Tamattu` should on approaching the Miqat aims for `Umrah. After fulfilling the Hajj rituals, one should offer and sacrifice animal as Qurbani.

Ifraad: In the Miqat, a pilgrim of Ifrad Hajj announces his intention for Hajj only. He keeps his Ihram up to the Day of Sacrifice. No offering is required from him (no Qurbani is required).

Qiran: In this kind of Hajj, a pilgrim should speak out his desire to execute both Hajj and Umrah together. Only when he throws the Jamrah of Al-`Aqabah, gets his hair cut off that he can put off his Ihram. However, he should offer a sacrificial animal as Qurbani.

Changing Intention For Different Hajj 2017:

In case a pilgrim makes an intention to perform Qiran or Ifraad he is allowed to change his intention to Tamattu. He can do this even after he has performed Tawaf and Sa’yi.

It was the time when the Prophet (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) performed Tawaf and Sa’yi during the year of the Farewell Hajj with his companions, he ordered all those who didn’t brought sacrificial animals, to change their intentions for Hajj to intentions for Umrah and should cut their hairs, and get free from Ihram till Hajj. He said, “If I wouldn’t have brought the sacrificial animal, I’d have done what I’ve ordered you to do.”

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