How to Prepare Accommodation during Hajj?

There was a time when you were free to choose the accommodation you want after your arrival in Makkah or Madinah. Contrary to this, the situation is completely changed and you have to decide it at the time of getting cheap hajj packages 2017. Choosing the best location as per your needs and budget will be a task for you. Every Muslim in the world wish to stay to the closest place to the Makkah and Madina and for this purpose everyone is ready to pay the big amount. The competition among pilgrims to get the closest place in these holy cities has made these hotels, apartments and boarding houses much expensive ever than before. Many of the other things also impact on the rates of these accommodations like weather and the season.

Things to Consider while Booking Accommodation

You will have to pay for the accommodation and the transportations in advance according to new hajj rules by the Saudi Government. The proof of this advanced pay is also an essential part of the documents submitted to the Saudi Embassy. The embassy will verify the information provided and issues the visa after proper inspection. Your agent will have to manage all those things for you. That’s the reason; you will have to be careful while hiring an agency for you to settle all those things for you. Before going deep into the accommodation, you will have to see the experience and reputation of your agency that is appointed to arrange all those things for you in Saudi Arabia.

Always hire an agency that is equipped with all latest tools and techniques to handle all possible matters and situations regarding performance of hajj. The agency must have respectable name in the industry with the years of years in the travel agency especially to deal with the matters of hajj. One thing that you must keep in the mind that agency must have a local permanent agent in Saudi Arabia to assist you there. If your agency does not have any permanent employee in Saudi Arabia to assist you, it means you are dealing with the company not appropriate for it.

You will have to face many problems in the hajj if the agency does not hire a permanent source of employees in the Makkah and Madina for your assistance. Now many of the tourist agencies are hiring temporary employees that don’t care you as a temporary employee because of their job nature. The same situation occurs when you are dealing with the person who is not permanent for the search of an appropriate place.

While selecting cheap hajj packages 2017, you must consider all these things with the care. You must ask your agent about exact location your accommodation in the Makkah and Madinah. Also ask about the basic facilities of life like fan, bathroom and shower etc. you need to ask the exact distance of your location from Makkah and Madinah to understand the walking time for your prayers.

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